Tiger Jungle #1

, photography, india, wildlife Location: Central India

Leap of Faith Sub-adult Tiger Tigress Ruddy Mongoose Sub-adult Male Tiger Dhol (Indian Wild Dog) Tiger Cub Tigress Spotted Deer (Stag) Gaur (Indian Bison)

This is my second tour into a Tiger Jungle of Central India. Situated at 283kms from Nagpur, Tadoba Andhari National Park is a blissfull place. Reaching there is preferable by road and takes about 3 hours.

Multiple stay options are available. We stayed at Jungle Meadows. A great place to stay. More so due to its proximity to the Kolara Gate, enabled us to be the first Gypsy to enter the jungle each safari.

Contact Details:

Forest Guide - Mithun: +91 91306 11093 & +91 90493 84372

Stay - Jungle Meadows - Kunal: +91 98211 52295