Tiger Jungle #1

, photography, india, wildlife Location: Tadoba Tiger Reserve, MH

Grey-headed Fish Eagle Sambar Deer Maya - A Rising Star Leap of Faith Sub-adult Tiger Tigress Ruddy Mongoose Sub-adult Male Tiger Dhol (Indian Wild Dog) Tiger Cub Tigress Spotted Deer (Stag) Gaur (Indian Bison)

This is my second tour into a Tiger Jungle of Central India. Situated at 283kms from Nagpur, Tadoba Andhari National Park is a blissful place. Reaching there is preferable by road and takes about 3 hours.

The forest is filled with immense presence of mother nature. The tiger sightings are pretty well as well. In the trip, we were able to spot 13 Tigers in total. 1 adult male 3 adult female 4 sub-adults 5 cubs. It is really a happy moment to witness such exponential growth in Tiger numbers. Through the conservation efforts of the government, since the beginning of Project Tiger, there has been a good response.

Apart from tigers, the jungle is filled with other mammals and birds. We were lucky to spot the wild dogs Dhol. Though they are pretty well distributed throughout the jungles of India, sightings are pretty thin in this jungle.

Another important part is boarding and logistics. Among the multiple stay options that are available at various price points, we stayed at Jungle Meadows. A great place to stay. More so due to its proximity to the Kolara Gate, enabled us to be the first Gypsy to enter the jungle each safari.

The tour was guided by local naturalist Mithun who is a seasoned jungle lover and provided good opportunities for our photography.

Contact Details:

Naturalist / Forest Guide - Mithun: +91 91306 11093 & +91 90493 84372
Stay - Jungle Meadows - Kunal: +91 98211 52295