Travelling to my Dreamland

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The Dreamland
Dream! Dream! Dream!

Bengalis, by birth, are travel-freaks. I too, being a Bengali, am quite fond of travelling to places. There are places all over world, that I dream to travel to. But alas, the dreams remain only dreams most of the time.

The chief problem being the lack of funds and then there’s also the factor with the timings and all. Whenever I see my friends travelling to any hill station or to the mountain valleys, I always urge to travel with them. But ultimately I’m stopped due to one problem or the other. I sometimes get jealous of my friends, posting those beautiful sunset photos on Facebook, and I, sitting in front of the computer, working my ass of for the clients.

Amongst all these problems, there’s one thing that is constant. I never forget to dream. It is almost like, dreaming is in my veins. Even when I’m unable to travel to my favorite destinations, I dream, dream & dream.

Dreaming also gives me exclusive access to some adventures, that might not be possible to do in the real life. I can dive in the deepest of the oceans, and jump off the highest cliffs in my dreams. I’ve even dove to the Mariana trench in my dreams. I’ve swum with the Great White sharks in the deepest of the oceans in my dreams.

I’ve traversed the greatest distance with the Bisons, Gazelles and Zebras in search of food and water during their great migration. I’ve also been a predator, and hunted them to meet my carnal requirements. I’ve been the dolphins and helped the fishermen to catch fish, and in turn gotten my own food as reward from them. I’ve also been the cormorants, assisting the Chinese fishermen catch fish, even though I have to bear the pain in my neck.

In my dreams, I’ve been the whales in the mid ocean, being killed for oil. I’ve also been the whaler, travelling to far of seas, leaving family behind, in search of whales. I’ve been the deer running from the leopard, in Masai Mara. I’ve also been the leopard, hunting that same deer.

Within my dreams, I travel to the farthest destinations, within a blink of my eyes and in a moment of my thought.

These are the precise reasons why I hang a dream catcher near to where I sleep. Who knows, one day I might get the chance to travel to the land of my dreams…

Disclaimer: I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

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