Clouded Leopard (2018)

A story of hope

Director: Upamanyu Das
Producer: The Wild Bits
Narrator: Upamanyu Das
Music: Jerome Leroy
Camera: Upamanyu Das, Parthasarothi Dutta, Aniruddha Das
Edit: Upamanyu Das

Out of all the small cat species of India, Clouded Leopard is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and elusive. in the desnse forsests of the northeast, this cat prowls.

After Tigers received immense protection from the govornment, wild Clouded Leopard are being made a target by poachers for their hides, teeth & nails. But there is still hope.

In a breeding facility in Tripura, Clouded Leopards are being bred in captivity for a sustainable population to be developed out of the wild. This short documentary outlines the situation of Clouded Leopard in India and the future of the species.