Wild Portraits

Selected Photos of wildlife from around the World

Gaur - Indain Bison (Tadoba) Golden Jackals (Corbett) Zebras (Masai Mara) Greater One Horned Rihno (Pobitora) Phayre's leaf monkey (Tripura) Spotted Dear Fawn (Ranthambore) Clouded Leopard Salt-water Crocodile (Sunderban) Asiatic Elephant (Corbett) Indian Gazelle (Ranthambore) Spotted Dear (Tadoba) Clouded Leopard Spotted Dear (Sunderban) Capped Langur (Manas) Common Langur (Ranthambore) Dhole (Tadoba) Jungle Cat (Ranthambore Outskirts) Jungle Cat (Sunderban) Striped Hyena (Ranthambore Outskirts) Jungle Cat (Ranthambore Outskirts) Zebras (Masai Mara) Mountain Goral (Pangolakha) Jungle Cat (Ranthambore Outskirts) Spotted Hyena (Masai Mara) Red Fox (Ladakh) Spotted Hyena (Masai Mara) Indian Leopard (Jhalana) Sambar Deer (Tadoba) Spotted Deer (Sunderban) Spotted Deer Fawn (Sunderban) Salt-water Crocodile (Sunderban) Lioness (Masai Mara) Serval Cat (Masai Mara) Serval Cat (Masai Mara) Cheetah (Masai Mara) Cheetah (Masai Mara) African Lion (Masai Mara) Waterbuck (Masai Mara) Wildebeast (Masai Mara) Lioness (Masai Mara)

I have been photographing wildlife for over two and a half years now, around the world. These are some of the Wild portraits. Hope you like them.