The Fireflies of Purushwadi

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This post was longtime due. 2015 and 2016 has been two extremely disastrous years. 2015 with the death of my father & 2016 with my mother’s death. But among the deaths, I am still amused to see so much life around. Life amazes me. Here’s one of my experiences with a different kind of life & nature.

I have always liked Bombay. One of the reason might be because I grew up there. But, only recently, I realised, how much more there is to Maharashta, than I could have ever seen if I would have stayed in Bombay. Hence, when I shaifted temporarily to Kolkata, I was one of the very few, who had some property back in Bombay. And I must tell you what a peace it was. One would get a primary idea about my love for Bombay and its rains by reading Post No. 1 and Post No. 2.

So in the monsoons this year, in the month of May I decided to head over to Purushwadi, a mere 200KM drive from Mumbai. I had heard from the locals about the spectacular view one gets to experience if one heads to the village of Purushwadi. I was quick to ask for support from Carl Zeiss, and they wer quick to reply. This was definitely going to be a trip where I would want to photograph, hence this measure.

The guys at Carl Zeiss were kind enough to sponser few lenses for testing, and with the people from Grassroutes Journeys, I began the trip.

If you have a look at the photographs, you would understand that I was not very successfull at capturing the fireflies in general, but the landscapes I traversed through, was really worth the experience.

The western ghats is a really beautiful place. And the semi-tribal village stay, with village food, not cellular networks and living in tents, was a experience worth remembering.