Masai Mara

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Lion Cub Friday Fluff Lionesses Greeting Egyptian Goose Wildebeest Leap Cape Buffalo Waterbuck (Female) Leopard Masai Lion (low-key) Masai Lion Coke's Hartebeest Lilac-breasted Roller Common Fiscal-Shrike Hildebrandts Starling Banded Mongoose Superb Starling Superb Starling Southern Ground Hornbill Cheetah (Cuddle) Cheetah (Yawning) Cheetah Secretary Bird Serval Cat Serval Cat (Side Profile) Serval Cat (Back) Green Bee Eater (Pair) Green Bee Eater Lioness walking away into the Savannah Lioness on a Small Tree (Closeup) Lioness on a Small Tree Olive Baboon African Elefant Nile Crocodile Egyptian Goose Yellow Billed Stork Masai Giraffe Masai Giraffe Black Bellied Bustard Hyena (Portrait) Hyena Thompsons Gazelle Zebras Lion Cub Lion Cub Ostrich Couple Lapet Faced Vulture Impala Grazing Zebas

A tour in the African savanna has left me spellbound. Such is the beauty of the place. With the vast plains and countless species of mammals and birds, the place is a paradise for a wildlife photographer. In this post are my amateur attempts at capturing some of the mammals and bird species of Masai Mara.

I’ve recently started to photograph mother nature, and Africa is almost a mecca to the fellow photographers.

A few months into this newfound hobby, as my love for mother nature was slowly growing, I was presented with the opportunity to visit Masai Mara to take some photographs. I was more than delighted and snuggled into the team happily.

The stay in Masai was at a 3 star property called Sentrim. Both the lodging and boarding aspects of the property were up to the mark. Though we did not require fans or Air Conditions, but I cannot help but wonder the situation in the Summers. The rooms did not have any method of artificial cooling :)

We stayed a total of four days at Masai, and had full day safaris on all the four days. We covered the reserve pretty well. Though not in totality.

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Travel Partner: Miles Tourism - Chandramouli Thakur: +919830009964

P.S. This is a ongoing series, new pictures will be uploaded regularly.