Things that I use. Last updated on 13th January, 2016


Laptop Setup:

  1. MacBook Pro (Late 2014), 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Connected to the Mainframe over WiFi.
  2. Logitech G300 mouse.

Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro (Small).

Mainframe Setup

  1. Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. Intel i5 Chipset
  3. Circle Cabinet (Medium)
  4. 16GB RAM
  5. 500GB + 1TB HDD
  6. Gigabyte Motherboard
  7. SAMSUNG DVD Writer
  8. Logitech Mouse, Keyboard & Webcam
  9. Samsung 17” TFT Monitor (2004 model)
  10. TP-Link WR841N Router
  11. ipAccess NanoBTS (For signal boosting)
  12. D-Link DFM-560ES (connecting Landline Telephone to Server)
  13. HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3545 All-in-One Printer
  14. Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II (2016, to scan old negatives)
  15. Belkin 4-Port USB2.0 Hub
  16. Transcend 4-Port USB3.0 Hub
  17. Transcend USB3.0 Card Reader
  18. 1 TB Western Digital My Passport HDD (2014)
  19. 3 TB Seagate External HDD (2015)
  20. APC UPS

Miscellaneous Hardware

  1. Yeti Blue Microphone, to record my voice
  2. EZCap Casette Player with USB Output, to convert old casettes to MP3


  1. iPhone 6s Plus Gold
  2. An extremely old Nokia 1100 when I feel nostalgic
  3. Xiaomi 5200mAh Power Bank
  4. Portronics 23000mAh Power Bank
  5. Portronics Muffs XT Bluetooth Headphone


  1. Very Old Nokia Earphones
  2. Two very low Quality Enter speakers for the Laptop
  3. BYTE 5.1 Speakers
  4. Frontech 5.1 (Manually converted to 10.1) broadcasting from WiFi

DIY Electronics:

  1. Arduino Uno rev3 board.
  2. C.H.I.P
  3. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (2016)


OS: OSX Yosemite

Development: I use iTerm2 for command line fu. I spend most of my time on either terminator or browser. Some of the terminal tools that I use daily:

  • Vim for some coding
  • Sometimes Git. Though I really don’t know how to use it efficiently
  • aria2c for downloading things
  • Autojump for quickly moving around my system
  • PDFtk for all things pdf. I only deal with pdfs when syncing docs between my devices
  • Some custom scripts

A5 blank notebook and Sakura Pigma Micron 0.5mm Fineliner for sketching when I am working on a user interface

Browser: Google Chrome with the following must have extensions:

  • uPass as passwords are important and are pretty hard not to forget
  • Better History because chrome’s history page sucks
  • Ghostery to block all the social nonsense
  • AdBlockPlus for the annoying ads all over the Internet
  • SpeakIt! for times when reading through a long passage becomes difficult
  • Session Buddy to save the tab sessions

Web Apps: Some web applications I use often

  • Most of Google stuff
  • Google Drive for document management. Special mention because it helped me move away from Windows environment. Linux still doesn’t have a half decent document suite
  • Facebook for the same reason every other people do
  • Twitter for bite sized updates

Desktop Apps: The few desktop apps that I do use include:

  • iTunes
  • Microsoft Office for there is nothing better
  • Flux for it slowly warms the colors of your screen based on the time of day.
  • [ShareMouse] ( to swiftly travel between Mac & Windows screens
  • PHPStorm for all things PHP, manage my website
  • Sublime Text for editing quick bits of code (this site is coded using sublime text)
  • Queriois 2 for managing the MySQL databases
  • Tower for Git version control
  • Ulysses for writing. It has a brilliant zen interface
  • Tweetbot for Mac for it is the best Twitter client out there
  • Blogo / BlogJet for managing WordpPress blogs
  • Airmail for Managing emails and because the default sucks
  • VLC. What else to use then?
  • Adobe Photoshop for all thins related to image creation
  • Adobe Illustrator and [Sketch] for creating vector illustrations & mockups
  • MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab to record and edit old Casettes & Vinyl
  • Sip or pickr for collecting colours from anywhere
  • SketchUp & Rhineceros for 3D modelling
  • Waltr for copying stuff to the iPhone
  • Dropbox & Cloudapp for sharing files
  • Deego for backup
  • Chatty Better Facebook messenger app
  • Messenger for Mac to communicate without opening the Facebook page
  • Whatsie a native Mac/Windows app wrapper for WhatsApp Web

*Apple iPhone: I do work a lot on my mobile. Some apps that I use:


  • Instagram for sharing photos
  • PhotoTransfer - to quickly transfer photos from iPhone to Mac
  • Flickr to share hi-res photos, since Facebook fucks up
  • Lightroom for taking RAW photos

Reading & Learning:

  • iBooks for ebooks
  • Swiftly to learn the Swift programming language
  • TOI important & non-impornant news
  • TED
  • Duolingo for learning languages (currently learning French)


  • Twitter for in class entertainment!
  • Facebook messenger and main app
  • Ello, distraction free networking
  • Google+, just for the sake of it
  • Whatsapp for staying in touch
  • Periscope for live streams
  • Skype because I’m too lazy to attend offline meetings
  • Zomato - who doesn’t want to eat good food?



  • Wunderlist for note taking
  • Kotak Bank, banking partners
  • StrarTokenNG, BOI, banking partners
  • CoinKeeper to track expenses


  • Wordpress for managing blogs, though it’s not very usefull
  • Trello for project management
  • - website chatting program



  • Canvas (Stretched)
  • Acid Free Watercolor Paper
  • 180gsm Paper




  • 1-12 number Round Brushes
  • 1/2”, 1”, 2” 4” Flat Brushes
  • 1, 3, 4, 9 Fan Brushes

Palette Knives:

  • 1/2” Diamond Knife
  • 1” Flat Knife
  • 1” Rounded Knife

Update Log

  • 25th February 2015 - Created
  • 13th January 2017 - First Update