Masai Mara

, photography, africa, wildlife Location: Masai Mara National Reserve

Lilac-breasted Roller Common Fiscal-Shrike Hildebrandts Starling Banded Mongoose Superb Starling Superb Starling Southern Ground Hornbill Cheetah (Cuddle) Cheetah (Yawning) Cheetah Secretary Bird Serval Cat Serval Cat (Side Profile) Serval Cat (Back) Green Bee Eater (Pair) Green Bee Eater Lioness walking away into the Savannah Lioness on a Small Tree (Closeup) Lioness on a Small Tree Olive Baboon African Elefant Nile Crocodile Egyptian Goose Yellow Billed Stork Masai Giraffe Masai Giraffe Black Bellied Bustard Hyena (Portrait) Hyena Thompsons Gazelle Zebras Lion Cub Lion Cub Ostrich Couple Lapet Faced Vulture Impala Grazing Zebas

A tour in the African savannah has left me spellbound. Such is the beauty of the place. With the vast plains and countless species of mammals and birds, the place is a paradise for a wildlife photographer.

P.S. This is a ongoing series, new pictures will be uploaded regularly.